How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Computer

Accessing and Uploading photos directly to instagram from a web browser has not been incorporated into the platform for a while, but of recent, that changed as Instagram presented a new feature that added a fully-functional web platform that allows users to post pictures from a phone internet browser, as opposed only the application. 

How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Computer
Read this guide for the best ways to upload images to Instagram from a desktop internet browser

Web pages are developed to automatically detect the device you are using to access the platform, but of recent a feature to allow you change that has been incorporated in some web browsers, as you can now change the device from which you access the web pages. With this feature, even if you access a particular web page from your PC, you can make it appear as if you are assessing it from your mobile device, to do this follow the steps listed below.

For Safari Web Browsers
If you assess the web page from the safari web browser, follow the steps listed below.
  • Navigate to Safari, then Preferences and go to Advanced.
  • From here, click on the option that states "Show Develop menu in menu bar" from the drop down options.
  • Then open a new browsing window and head straight to Develop, then click on User Agent then follow this steps Safari > iOS 10 > iPhone.
  • Once this is set, go to, log in your account and click the camera button below the screen to upload a picture from your desktop computer.

For Google Chrome Users
  • Launch the Google Chrome application and head straight to and sign in your account.
  • Then right-click the page, then click Inspect and click the Tablet icon (top-left of the web page). The web page must change to mobile view, where you'll locate a camera button at the end of the display, which lets you publish a photo from your desktop computer.
I hope this article was helpful, fellow instagrammers, lets ride on and post pictures freely from any device.
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