How to View all Pokes on Facebook

How to View all Pokes on Facebook: Pokes on Facebook is a feature that allows users to get the attention of other individual user, by poking a friend, you are indirectly calling their attention to you for various intentions, it may be to inform them that you are online, or to kick start a chat and so on.

Facebook users nowadays have seen no use for Pokes on Facebook because of its many alternatives such as direct message and comments on post or even a reaction on friends post may help get the attention of such individual. This has caused a great regression in the use of pokes to the extent of users believing it no longer exist, well the fact remains it does exist.

You may have received a lovely poke from friends way back or you had poked someone recently and you intend to view those pokes, here are the guidelines to view all pokes on Facebook;
  • Login into your account using the Facebook app
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click "more" button
  • Then from the pop-up, click "Apps"
  • From the list of Facebook apps select "Poke". 

Note that if you regularly use pokes app, it will be seen at the first pop-up after clicking "more"

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After clicking "poke" you will find the list of people who poked you, those you poked and suggestions of those you can poke (this is usually the list of those you recently viewed their profile)

A faster alternative to view all pokes on Facebook is to search the word "pokes" in the search bar, this takes you directly to the pokes page which shows you all you need to see.

I hope this article was helpful in viewing your pokes on Facebook, why not share with friends to bring back the lost glories of poke features.
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