How to view those I blocked on Facebook

How to view those I blocked on Facebook:Some of your pals can be sometimes naughty and may have displayed their naughtiness to your Facebook page by posting irrelevant photos or video while tagging you, this action may have cost you a great deal and your reaction was to block such pals from your Facebook account. Now that you have forgiven them, you certainly want to add them back as your friend or unblock them, but you cannot find the list of those you have previously blocked.

It might even be that while trying to block a frienemy, you mistakenly blocked a good friend who answers similar name, now you want to restore the individual back as your friend but you could not access the location of your blocked friends list.

You have all come to the right place, this article will teach you how you can view those you have blocked on Facebook, so read on to learn how it is done below;

  • Click the question mark icon at the top right corner of your Facebook page
  • Go to privacy settings
  • Select “how to stop someone from disturbing you”
  • Then click the options that allows you to view all your blocked friends
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Now that you have seen those you have blocked on Facebook, you can either choose to unblock them or just leave them in the list to remain blocked.

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