How You Deactivate Your Facebook Account.

How You Deactivate Your Facebook Account: Are you bored of Facebook? Doesn't Facebook serve as fun to you again? Well if you do not like making use of Facebook any longer, then you can entirely read on How You can Deactivate Your Facebook Account.
In the recent years, Facebook has actually changed a great deal and so has technology. These days, a number of us find Facebook boring. Most of the users available on Facebook these days are spammers and political oriented posts are the order of the day, which has led to people blocking several users.

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But if you are totally fed up of Facebook, we will tell you just how you could Deactivate Facebook account completely. To do so you have to comply with these easy steps.

How You Deactivate Your Facebook Account.

Step 1: Initially Log into your account on Facebook using your valid details, your ID and password. In order to login to Facebook you must have valid account at the top place.
Step 2:
As soon as you are efficiently logged into your account, click on the account menu located right top corner.
Step 3: Then click setting tab. It will certainly take you right into the setups of your account on Facebook.
Step 4: You will see "Security" option located in the left column. Click that.
Step 5: Choose deactivate your account and also press send button.

Ways to Reactivate Facebook Account
To reactivate your Facebook account, all you need to do is to login your account and that will automatically cancel your account deactivation process.

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