Securely Login Facebook on any device

Securely Login Facebook on any device: Facebook has been extended from conventional chat and keep in touch platform to a medium for promoting ones brand, representing ones interest among other recent uses of Facebook. So when you try to login to your Facebook account from a browsing cafe or from someone else's device be it smartphones or PC, you must be very careful not to leave your account signed in after use and also not revealing your login information. 

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Securely Login Facebook on any device

The simple logic to this secure login is not saving your username and password when prompt to do so on sign in Or FB login. Follow the steps listed below to securely login your Facebook account on any device:

  1. Initially, to login your Facebook account you will do so from the Facebook login in page
  2. So from your friend's device, navigate to
  3. In the login fields provided supply your username and password then click on the login button
  4. This next step is important, if you access from a PC you will be asked if you want the browser to save your login information, simply choose the option "never", this restricts the web browser from saving your login information.
  5. If you are accessing your account from your friends smartphone via the Facebook mobile application, when asked to save login information to allow one time tap in, simply decline the request.
  6. If you allow the steps above, you will only end up leaving your Facebook account prone to spam and external use.
Important: Ensure you logout your account after use.

If you follow these guide strictly then your account is safe from any external device you used to access it. I hope this article builds your confidence in the platform's care for your confidentiality. Kindly share with friends.
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