What are the right Dimensions for Facebook Cover Image?

What are the right Dimensions for Facebook Cover Image?: Did you visit your Friend’s profile recently? I hope you noticed and saw the amazing image that serves as their cover image to beautify their profile header background, this is one of the features to enhance user view and user experience when you make use of the social network platform. An important side to this feature is that it scales brilliantly i.e. it is quite responsive not just on your desktop computer or tablet but likewise via your smartphone? So its time to get your profile to look as enchanting as possible because a large portion of total Facebook users (which now stands at more than a billion monthly active users) will have access to it.

If your Facebook page is not as clever as it must be on all version of their web view, (PC, mobile) then you might simply be missing out on a chance of meeting up with your prospective friends/followers.

As things stand, the most crucial aspect of your Facebook page is your Cover Image, which is the first things that attracts your friends and visitors eye once they enter your profile, Listed below are the dimensions you should seek when you want to get and upload an amazing cover image. 
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Facebook Cover Image Dimensions

Dimension is of high essence in your Facebook cover image, because ones it is distorted by a wrong dimension, there’s the possibility that you might be unable to pass the message or get your friends to view the important aspect of your cover photo. 

The right dimension you must use for cover photos is simply 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall for mobile profile and 851 pixels by 315 pixels for desktops i.e. when you access from a PC, any image size other than the one specified here, either smaller or larger, the image may be stretched automatically to fit the dimension -- making it totally look blur.

Once you set this image, it's time for you to reevaluate your Facebook page, so navigate to your profile from your mobile phone preferably through the Facebook app and see if the image fits in well to the cover image space, then go ahead and check on Pc and possibly on other mobile devices, if it all fits well, then you’ve added another amazing view and experience to your profile view. I hope you are now aware of the right figures for Facebook Cover Image Dimensions, you can go ahead and alter your cover image whenever you want to.
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