Who’s looking At My Facebook Profile

Who’s looking At My Facebook Profile: Almost all Facebook users has been at that junction at a particular time of the other when you simply wonder who’s are those currently viewing my Facebook profile? Most people feels their college ex-lover is checking them out on Facebook, or do you feel someone from work is currently scrolling through posts and images from your uploads or wondering if your parent are actually monitoring your personal life and activities. Some third-party applications promises that can provide a list of users that views your FB profile but are you ready to supply them with the required details and permissions that will grant them access to your account and risk been hacked or spam your timeline with messages?

Additionally, you must be aware that most of these applications violates Facebook’s privacy rules, so for those that have actually enabled any third-party stalker application, it is recommended you revoke the app’s access to your account instantly as we will show you how you can view your Facebook stalkers easily without the help of third-party apps.

Who’s Viewing My Facebook Profile?

Listed below are easy steps to discover those that viewed your Facebook Profile.

Note: In this tutorial we made use of a web browser.
  • Navigate to your Facebook timeline at Facebook.com/ yourUsername from your computer.
  • Once this page loads, click your timeline
  • Then go to the web browser settings and hit the “Web developer” button, then click on “web page Source” button from the resulting window. This will redirect you to a new page with great deals codes. 

  • Hold CTRL+F on your keyboard for windows PC, a message box will appear, in which you will type in “InitialChatFriendsList” (type without the Quotes), then hit the enter keypad.
  • This will take you to the location of the word where you will see a list of numbers beside that word “InitialChatFriendsList, these are the profile ID’s of individuals that visit your timeline.
  • Copy these numbers out and proceed to “Facebook.com” where you will paste the ID number after the Facebook URL appended with “/”. For example, if the ID is 3425974, type Facebook.com/3425974.
Note: The order of the ID reveals how frequent a user views your Facebook account, so the ID at the top of the list shows the user that mostly stalks your profile and goes on in a descending order.

I hope you found out that ex-lover university lover of yours actually visits your profile regularly! Wow, your instincts were actually right, so kindly share with friends to enjoy this simple feature.

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