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 Add Youtube Video to Facebook: Adding up a YouTube video to your Facebook account is quite easy to achieve, but Facebook will only use a video thumbnail or rather a video summary to show the presence of the video. The interesting news is that you could actually add a full YouTube video on Facebook, how to go about it is what this article is all about.

YouTube does not actually provide any form of button that will immediately post your video clips to your Facebook profile or page but rather you could share the video clip - yours or anybody else's – from the YouTube watch page to your Facebook page. Below are the various means through which adding YouTube video can be achieved;

Share a YouTube video to Facebook on a computer
Following the steps below will offer you an opportunity to share a YouTube video to your Facebook page using a computer

1. Open the YouTube video watch page.
2. Below the video click the "Share" button
3. Click the Facebook symbol
4. A window pop up that allows you write your message and also add up some post settings
5. Finally, click Post to Facebook

Share a video link directly on FacebookAnother option which is available other than making use of the YouTube "share" choice is to paste a video link straight into a Facebook post with this, Facebook will immediately get the YouTube video thumbnail and description.
What can you do if Facebook is using outdated video clip details?
If you can’t wait for Facebook to bring up-to-date its cache, there are a few resolutions you could try:
* Generate the right description in your article.
* Get in the video clip URL in the Facebook debug tool to instantly update the cached summary.
* If all else fails, try reporting the problem to Facebook.
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