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Block Friend Facebook: It may be that you are getting frustrated with the actions of some friends on Facebook and you want to let go of them without their knowledge so it won't cause an argument. You can actually block them friends your list, this action will obstruct them from reaching you on Facebook, they won't be able to view your post, profile and even message you again on Facebook, it will completely eradicate their information from your account and leave them to wonder if you are still active on Facebook or not. 

So this article will enlighten you on how you can block a friend from you friends list on Facebook with ease. Here are the steps to follow;
  • Access your friends list from your profile on Facebook
  • Choose the friend who want to let go by clicking in his/her profile picture 
  • Then on the individual profile, click on option switch beside message and select block
  • Facebook will show some of the consequences of blocking, read and digest, if you still want to continue with it then click confirm. 
  • Now the individual is no more a trouble to you because his name has being added to the blocked list and he/she won't have any access to your Facebook account
  • In future, if you want to change your mind and unblock such individual, go to the block list and unblock the person but you will have to send a new friend's request in order to be able to connect with such person again. 
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I hope it's easy? Now you have the power to block and unblock any troublesome Facebook friends.
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