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Cancel Friend Request on Facebook: Do you intend to reject a friend request someone just sent you on Facebook? This is now possible on a latest Facebook released recently, you can cancel the request message you don’t wish to accept. 

Not to consider the reason you wish to cancel out a friend request on Facebook, it might be because your relationship with the individual that sent the request is sour or because you are sure you don’t know the person from anywhere. For whichever reason it may be, here is how you can cancel a friend request on Facebook.
  • · First, login to your Facebook account via the Facebook web
  • after signing in, search out the Facebook user you want to recall your request
  • · Go to the individual’s profile and find your way to the bottom of the page
  • · From here click the link that states “Report/Block”
  • · Then Facebook will reveal a pop-up menu which allows you to block the person’s account, just check the box in front of “block this person” and then send
  • · The request will be processed by Facebook and then sent back a confirmation message to you that the individual has being blocked from your Facebook account
Since you already change the status between your account and the individual’s account, the request sent won’t be delivered or won’t be attended to by Facebook even if the person later accept it, your name won’t be added to his/her friend’s list and so is his on yours.

This method is the most effective step to take when you wish to cancel out a friend request as quickly as possible so the individual you sent the request won’t be able to assess it. Note that if you wish to become friends with the person later on in future, you can simply unblock the person

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