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Cannot Log In Instagram: We now live in a world where social media is the number one online journal for everybody to acquire various online information and at the same time get to enjoy every of it’s other benefits. Instagram is not left out in this, it also plays a major role in the collection of information for its users, and over the years Instagram has come to be a vital device in the everyday life of millions of people in every continent of the world 

As soon as you register yourself as an Instagram user, you start enjoying the various delighting benefits of Instagram but in order to continuously enjoy these, you have to continuously visit the Instagram site and then login into the account you created using the steps below;

-depending on the device you intend to use to login into Instagram, you may either use the mobile app, window app or internet browser on mobile of PC

If you are using the internet browser, 
  • visit the Instagram website via https://www,
  • -you will be presented with the login display page where you will be required to insert your username and password, you just do exactly that
  • -Finally, click go to start login
You may be experiencing some difficulties in logging into your Instagram account even after following the above steps, don’t panic, here are some of the reason why you couldn’t login into your Instagram account

Forgot Instagram Password
we definitely don’t have the most retentive memory or the memory of a Dory, so it is actually possible we forget our Instagram login password. If you think that is exactly what has happened, don’t worry, you can recover your lost password in no time by following the steps below;
  • -on the Instagram login page, select “forget password” just below the password input section
  • -then you will be required to insert your email address which is exactly the one you used to create your account
Now a reset code will be sent to the mail, which can ony be accessed from the mail, so just visit the your email to follow the link to reset your Password to a fresh new one

The email address of Instagram or the user is incorrect
it could also be that your email address you provided while trying to login is incorrect, here are the things to do when this is what has happened;
  • -first recheck the email you provided and be certain it is correct, it may be as a result of mistyping or inputting multiple letters mistakenly.
  • -it could also be that you have multiple email account but you input the wrong one you used for Instagram, so you can think of the exact email you used and insert it correctly.
The Instagram account has been shut down
if it’s not any of the above solutions then, it may be that your account no longer exist, maybe it has being shut down or deactivated. You can as well create a new similar account immediately.
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