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Change Instagram Username: Like most other social media platforms that exists, Instagram also allows it users to change their username at any time they fell like. An individual’s username is what other Instagram users sees when viewing your account, and also it is mostly used as a login detail on the internet or on a mobile Instagram application.


You may intend to change your username as soon as you discover a better username idea or when you desire to change the arrangement to which you present on your own to the world. In this article, we'll reveal to individual like such who desire a change of name the exact ways of how you could change your Instagram username.

How do I change my Instagram username?
It's actually possible to alter your Instagram username from both the mobile application on your mobile phone and from the Instagram websites on your personal computer. The article will shed more light on both methods

Change your Instagram username from the mobile app
In order to change your Instagram username in the mobile app, you will have to strictly follow these steps below:

1) Launch the Instagram app from the list of your apps.
2) Tap on the Profile tab. The person image at the bottom of the display

3) Tap on the Account Settings switch. It looks more like a gear at the upper right corner
4) Tap on the Edit Profile from the list of settings.
5) Tap on your present username to activate the text area, then clear your current username.

6) Now insert your desired new username into the space with your keyboard, then touch on the Done switch at the top right of the display.

Note that in a situation where the username you inserted has been used by another Instagram user, you won’t be allowed to use it, so you just have to use something else that is new.
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Change your Instagram username from the internet
In order to change your Instagram username from the internet on your personal computer system, just follow these actions instead:

1) Launch your favorite internet browser and follow this link to take you directly to your account settings page.
Note that you have to be already logged in on the browser for this to work, if not, it will first redirect you to a login page.
2) Click the username text field to activate it, then clear your present username with the backspace key
3) As usual, insert your new desired username to replace it and then click Submit button to save your changes:

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Instagram will then show you a pop-up message to signify the status of your change, a green text that states “profile saved” to show that it has being changed successfully. If anything otherwise is shown, then you might have to change the username to something new that is not presently in use by an Instagram user

I hope this article has help you a lot in your pursuit to change your Instagram username? Kindly share it with some of your buddies so they won’t be stick with boring Instagram username.

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