Countdown Clock for Facebook

Countdown Clock for Facebook: How do you start up a countdown for your Facebook post so it can be posted whenever the clocks stops ticking? If you don’t know, then this article will teach you how it is done. You can add up a countdown clock to your post so you can keep track of an event which is crucial to you in life.
You can actually use different third-party apps for this functions depending on how much time you want to set to countdown, just search online for any app that can be used to do just what you want to do. Just follow the steps below to include countdown clocks on your Facebook;

  • Go to Facebook website and login into your own account
  • Search Time and Date on the search dialogue box and select “Time and Date Countdown” from the search result
  • On the next page, select “go to app”
  • Now fill the required details in respect to the event you want to countdown, it may include the name, date or time.
  • Then select the personalization Alt for different countdown styles, you can either use any of the default style or use your preferred colour style.
  • Go to the preview part of the post and select where you want it posted to, you can either share the countdown with your friends on your wall or choose some other options like groups or pages.
  • Finally, select the “preview and share”, this will first preview how your friends will see the countdown, you does have an option to write what the countdown is exactly for, when you are done, select the share button to post it.
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And that’s all, I believe this was very helpful? You should help to share with your friends so they can learn how to include countdown clock on Facebook
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