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Create Account Facebook: For you to have an account on Facebook, there is a conditions you must meet, which is, you must have a valid electronic mail also known as Email, it can be any of the mails, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Microsoft account etc. Without any of these, it will be difficult to have a Facebook account. So make sure you create an email first if you don't have one before you follow the procedure below to create account on Facebook;

  • Visit the Facebook web page, this can be through any browser on your PC or mobile devices
  • Then enter the Facebook registration page by following the link that says sign-up
  • At the registration page, fill in your e-mail address, your both names, your date of birthday, your gender and create a rigid password (containing letter and symbols to make it very strong) and then follow the link that says create account
Now that you have created your account, it's time to develop it to your taste and make it good to access.
  • First you have to look for friends within the Facebook community, you have the option of leaving Facebook to do the job for you by dropping your email and password, then follow 'find friends'. They will help you get your close friends and suggest it to you so you can choose those you like. You can as well leave this task now and come back later for it.
  • Secondly, you have to drop your vital information for Facebook, this information will be saved in your profile so people who search for you can see. Such information are workplace, college/university attends or attended, your hometown and city, your secondary school and so on. You can also leave this to attend to later.
  • Thirdly, choose what you like to view on your timeline. This can be pages, news, blogs, music, videos and so on. After choosing these likes, their activities will be shown to you immediately as it happens on your news feed.
  • Fourth, place a profile photo, this photo will be seen by other Facebook users whenever they see your profile name. You can carry any photo from your gallery or take a snapshot with your camera, then you input it into Facebook. The photo you placed can be replaced anytime you feel like replacing it. 
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Supposing you are logged out from your account on Facebook and you want to login again, here are the procedures
  • Visit Facebook page again and then input your email address and password, make sure your password is the same as before. Then follow the link that says sign in. 

I hope this article has helped or will eventually help you gain access to your own personal Facebook account as well as login to it. Kindly share to fans.
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