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Customer Service Phone Number for Facebook: This my blog site educates you the fundamentals of browsing Facebook's Help Center to fix common account issues.

This article is to educate you on the different techniques to log your complaint to Facebook customer service centers. We may have tried some the methods to no avail and your issues are still yet to be resolved, with these methods, I assure you that you will not only speak with the Facebook customer service center, your request will also be quickly attended to.
Below are the techniques to contact the Facebook service centers for your complaints;

Using Facebook resources
You can visit the Facebook Help center via your mobile device or on your PC to lay down your complaints, you just login into your Facebook account, then select the help button which is directly after the search box. From here you can select from the already list sections of likely issues, they include; Facebook guide, Handling Account, policies and reporting, privacy and security etc. after picking the section related to your issue, you will be given directions on what to do in order to resolve the issue as quick as possible. If in a situation you can’t find a section that fits your issue in the listed issues, you can as well use the search box to search out sometime related to it.

Using Business Bureau
1. Open Facebook's Better Business Bureau page.
2. Roll down as well as click Submit a Complaint. This is on the lower right side of the webpage
3. Select “click Here to File a Complaint”.
4. Now fill in YES or NO in the Certification Questions form to make known your issues, below are the questions that may be contained in the form;
“-Is this an employee/employer complaint?”
“-Is this a discrimination or civil rights complaint?”
“-Does your complaint allege a criminal act?”
“-Is this a business with a complaint for collections purposes with another business?”
“-Is this complaint in litigation?”
“-Is this complaint based solely on dissatisfaction with a price?”
“-Is this complaint about a purchase you wish you never made?”
“-Are solely seeking an apology from the business?”
“-Are you filing this complaint for BBB information only?”
5. Select proceed to complete the form, you can as well clear the form and start all over again.
6. Roll down and click Submit Complaint.
7. Now you have to wait for a reply through your email address which may take up to some days before you receive one.

Sending an Appeal for Impaired Facebook Account
1. Login to the Disabled Facebook Account page. Note if your account isn't really currently disabled, you won't be able to submit an appeal.
2. Click the "submit an appeal" button
3. Enter your Facebook e-mail address, the one used to initially create the Facebook account

4. Enter your full name, same as the one you use to create the account

5. Click Choose Files and select an Identity photo or document.
6. After uploading the ID photo or document, enter some of the details of complaint in “Additional Info” box
7. Finally, click Send. (If you do not get a reply within a week, try resubmitting your this appeal)

Recovering Your Password
1. Open the Facebook website via its link
2. Click "Forgot Account?" at the login page
3. Input your name, e-mail address, or phone number in the space provided
4. Tap Enter.
5. Pick your confirmation code from your email address or phone number
7. Enter your code into the "Enter Code" space provided
8. Click Continue.
9. Input a new set of password.
10. Click Continue. Your password has successfully been reset across all Facebook platforms (e.g., mobile as well as desktop computer alike). 
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I hope you’ve been able to resolve some of your issues with Facebook help center, share this with your friends so they also can resolve theirs.
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