Deactivate Facebook Account Forever

Deactivate Facebook Account Forever: Facebook is an important social media where you get to interact and socialize with family and friends, it is also important for blog or business owners which act as a platform to advertise and market goods and services. But whatever has a good side also has a bad side, Facebook is extremely time consuming, it can take up to one hour of ones time without doing anything important. It is also very addictive, a lot of people are now very addicted that they can't do without logging in to Facebook on hourly basis.

There are many ways to get rid of this addiction and time wasting application, you can either delete your account or deactivate your Facebook account so you won't lose your friends. I recommend you go for deactivating it to keep your profile pictures and friends until when you are ready to Facebook again.
  • Now that you have decided to deactivate your Facebook account, let me take you through the various steps to follow in order to temporarily remove your account;
  • You have to initially log in into your Facebook account
  • Go to setup and then safety
  • From here click on deactivate my account
  • Facebook will certainly not want you to go, it displays profile pictures of friends and caption it "your friends will miss you”, all Facebook wants is for you to change your mind from deactivating your account.
  • Ignore all these and move on by clicking next, then a page is displayed which request for your reasons to leave, since you are going temporarily, simply choose this is temporary, I'll be back.
  • Then confirm.

In order to reactivate your Facebook account, be sure to login into the account using your email address or phone number and your password like normal, and your Facebook account is back to use, all your data is readily available on it.

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