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Delete Facebook Account: Facebook can be annoying sometimes when it comes to millions of people posting absurd text and sending unwanted messages, Facebook advert is not left out also because it creates a scenario which some Facebook users do not want to see and even makes the system function slowly.

The issue of Facebook users privacy where certain privacy agreement are not meet and thousands of other users are poking into your privacy, checking your profile and Facebook refuses to alert or notify who they are. It may also be that you have multiple Facebook accounts and you wish to reduce it to just one so your friends can reach you without having to browse through all your multiple accounts

Though Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking site but these above reasons might have bent you so hard that you have made up your mind to delete your account and do away with everything concerning Facebook. This article treats how you can delete your account while still retaining most of your Facebook information on your gadgets storage memory

Deleting your Facebook account is extremely hard to go about because Facebook does not want users to delete their account, so they made it difficult whenever a user want to delete his/her account. Even after successfully deleting your account, Facebook still retains your information for about 90days waiting for you to change your mind and login again but if you didn't, then your details will be lost permanently.

So how do you go about this your decision to delete your Facebook account, below are the basics steps to follow;
  • First login into the your account, from the homepage click on the arrow facing down to open menu
  • Go to settings and then general, these pop-up your account settings 

  • Click on manage account
  • Select "download and install Facebook details into my device", this download all necessary information on your account into your device, information such as pictures received and sent, liked posts profile pictures, cover pictures etc.
  • After successfully installing your information on your device, you can either deactivate your account temporarily till you are ready to login again or delete it permanently. 
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To deactivate, simply click on deactivate my account and then confirm deactivation

To completely remove, click on this link and then confirm you really want to delete your account. Make sure you don't login into this account for up to 90days so it won't be recovered.

I hope you've learnt the ways to temporarily and permanently delete your Facebook account, kindly share with other Facebook users who wants to do the same.

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