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Delete My Account: Have you being searching for an overview on the best way to delete your account without Facebook restoring it within days? You have come to the proper place, here, we will tell you the best way to delete your account and also the differences which exist between deleting your account and deactivating your account.

Though Facebook helps people in a lot of ways but you definitely have your reasons to want to delete your account, maybe it is caused by the Facebook privacy policy not favoring you or maybe you are having multiple accounts and you want to let go of some. Maybe you have found Facebook boring with lot of friends posting irrelevant posts, with any reason, here is the best way to delete your account.
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Deleting your Facebook account is far different from deactivating it, though both is almost the same procedure with just their final step different, they also remove your Facebook account but one is temporarily while the other is permanent. Deactivating your Facebook account is a temporary action which enables you to gain access to such account in the future, the account will be removed but is restored anytime you login using the correct login information. Deleting your Facebook account will remove it completely and permanently, after deleting, your Facebook account is gone forever and your information is lost. But in both cases, you can as well download and install your Facebook information on your devices, this will allow you keep your information proper and/or transfer it to another account.

Here is how you deactivate your account
  1. First go to your Facebook settings, select general settings and then manage account.
  2. From here download and install your Facebook information on your device by selecting it. Make sure you are connected to network, it will take several minutes depending on how strong the network is.
  3. After it has being completed, select deactivate account and then you confirm.
  4. Your account will be removed temporarily, don't forget to login with the correct email and password to restore the account.
Here is how you delete your account
Follow the steps of deactivating account till you download and install Facebook information, then click on this link to delete your account, Make sure you confirm and don't try to login into the account for up to 90 days else it will be restored and you will have to start the process all over again.

Now that you have deleted your Facebook account, it's time you start living your life the way you want and not the way Facebook friends wants it to be. Make sure you share to some other friends that are now getting frustrated by their Facebook friends.

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