Discover Who Is Viewing Your Account

Discover Who Is Viewing Your Account: Facebook does not allow it users worldwide to know those that is viewed their profile but this article has made discovery of a way to discover those that viewed or viewing your account on Facebook. All you have to do is make sure you go through you login through Google chrome, other internet browser cannot perform this task. 
Below are the procedures to follow
  • Like I said login via Google chrome browser into your Facebook account.
  • Right click any spot on the display and select page resources. This shows a new page that contains lots of codes
  • Enter ctrl+F to search for words, input “initialchatfriendslist” and then search
  • The result shows the word you input, with codes in different inverted comas follows. Each one of these codes represent an ID of those that viewed your account
  • To discover them, copy each code and paste it behind in a new tab or window, then send. It will display the profile of the one you want viewing your account. 
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You may also pen down that those ID at the first set are those that recently checked your account while those that are the far end are those that have long check your account or that have not viewed it at all.

With this wonderful procedure, you can keep track of those viewing your account on Facebook. I hope you enjoyed your new discovery of those watching you, don't be surprised that even that friends that never messaged you before is one of them.
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