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Facebook Full Desktop Version: In case of those that have no idea of this, when utilizing Facebook on your mobile device you are automatically directed to the mobile version of Facebook i.e. m.facebook.com. You will notice that the mobile display of your Facebook page is far different from that of the computer or desktop display. After carefully checking out both displays, I came to a conclusion that the desktop view is far better due to the following reason;

1- Facebook mobile version does not offer the option of sharing of pictures, videos or links
2- To see which pals are online without a third-party app
3- Sight Facebook Timeline
4- Recognizing Facebook photos

So if you intend to switch your Facebook page from a mobile to desktop view, here is how you can do just that;
  • First visit the Facebook site from your mobile device via https://www.facebook.com/home.php
  • Now you have to login into your account, if already logged in, skip this step

  • on the home page or any other page you find yourself on Facebook, go to the URL of the page and then change the m. before facebook to www. and then tap go, then it will reload the page to the desktop version.
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And that’s it. You have successfully changed to the Facebook desktop version of the present web page on Facebook, this method relates to any kind of Facebook page.

Kindly share this with all your contacts so they can enjoy the extremely cool display of Fcaebook on the desktop version.
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