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Facebook Full Site Login On Phone: It will be a surprise to inform you that it is actually possible to access the Facebook full site on your mobile phone, Facebook usually redirect those that tried to login to their site from a mobile device to the mobile site but there exists some features on the full site which is not on the mobile site, so you are definitely missing out if you are still using only the mobile site to login, why not login through the full site to enjoy this features as well.

Here are the techniques you can use to redirect your mobile phone so it could login to Facebook full site

URL code 
URL codes are extremely powerful when browsing, they can change the entire page with the addition of a simple symbol or letter. Same technique is also used here, with the addition of some letters to the official Facebook website URL, it changes your view from mobile to the full desktop, so how is this done? Simply login to your account and from the home page, click on the URL to edit, then add .php behind the Facebook URL i.e. http://www.facebook.com/home.php and send, the page automatically reload and displays the full Facebook site.

Browser settings

You can as well use your browser settings to change to your preferred view of Facebook site but this technique does not work all the time, it depends on the site owner (this time Facebook) to grant your request. This article will treat using two browsers, Google chrome and Safari browser.

Google chrome: first login to your account with your correct email and password, then click on the browser's option button and select "request desktop site" from the options. Reload the page to start using the Facebook full site.

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Safari: just like the Google chrome, login to your account, tap the safari options and scroll right to select "demand desktop site", this reload to the Facebook full site for you to enjoy.

I hope you gained knowledge of how to login to Facebook full site from your mobile phone, share to fans and friends so we can change how they view their Facebook site.
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