FACEBOOK LOGIN AND SIGNUP: Facebook is a social media website created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerburg to connect students within Harvard University College. But within 5 years of its existence, it rapidly became a worldwide application used by almost everyone on the planet earth with teens having the highest percentage of users. 


The Facebook website helps a lot of people to stay in touch with one another, where we can chat, drop our view on things, comment on pal's post, like or dislike post, react on post and even message a friend privately, it also provide stickers which people use to express the mood to their friends.

To have an account of Facebook, it is required you first have an email address i.e. a Yahoo mail account, Google mail account, Microsoft mail account etc. This acts as a platform where Facebook reaches you with things happening while you are offline.

Have you being hearing good things about Facebook but you still don't have a Facebook account all because you don't know the ways to create one? Here is an article that teaches you steps to follow to create your own account.
  • Visit the Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/
  • Following the link above will lead you to the Facebook login page, click on "sign-up" just below the "forget password"
  • Input all the required information such as your email address or phone number, name, password and date of birth. After click "register"
  • Then, finally you are now on Facebook but Facebook requires you to confirm your email account as soon as possible, to do this;
  • Click on "confirm now"
  • Then a five digit code will be sent to your email account, login to your account to get the code.
  • Input the acquired code into the box provided on your Facebook page and click on "confirm".
  • Now you can enjoy all the various services provided by Facebook and connect with friends both far and near.


If you always login to Facebook through a web browser, then it is likely it log you out automatically after closing the app. To login again,
  • Visit the Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/
  • Input your email address or phone number depending on what you used to register
  • Also, input your password, remember, it is case sensitive
  • Click on "login"
If the information dropped are correct, then you are back to chat with friends and react to their posts but if not, try input the information once again, but if it still not logging in, don't panic, you might have forgotten your login password.

  • Click on "forget password"
  • Then Facebook will take you through series of tests to confirm if you are really the owner of the account.
  • If you pass the test, then a code will be sent to your email or registered phone number, input this code on the box provided and you are back.
  • But Facebook will require you to change your password to a new one that you won't easily forget.

I hope this article has helped you acquire knowledge on how to sign up, login and get a new password when you forgets your password.
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