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Facebook Messenger App Logout: Facebook messenger app was designed in such a way that it does not make it so easy for its users to logout, as sson as you connect the app with your Facebook app, it remains active even if you delete your Facebook app from your device. This article will reveal a couple of techniques that can be used to logout from your Facebook Messenger app without actually uninstalling the app from your device.
Below are the three major techniques that can be used to logout from Facebook Messenger app on your Android or iOS device;

For Android devices;
There are actully two techniques for android devices, you may either clear your messenger’s app data or logout through your Facebook app.

Clear App Data
To achieve this, follow this basic steps;
  • First make sure the messenger app is closed, it must not be opened in the background
  • Then go to the device settings, scroll down and select Application
  • Look down till you find messenger, click on it
  • From here, click on Clear data
  • Then confirm you really want to clear the app data by clicking Yes
And that’s all, whenever you visit the Facebook Messenger app, you will notice that your Facebook account is no longer log on to it anymore, you will have to login into your account or another account again if you wish to continue using the app

Log out with Facebook App
  • Open your Facebook app,
  • Tap the option button at the top right corner
  • Then go to account settings
  • Then to Security>login
  • You will then notice a setion that states “where you’re logged in, select Messenger and click logout
On iOS device
  • Open the Facebook Messenger app
  • Select the settings icon
  • Click on Terms of service
  • Then look down till you see data use policy, click the highlight
  • Select the menu bar at the far left corner
  • Click on more resources
  • Then on designer repayment terms
  • Look down till you see your profile image which you then select
  • Tap the dropdown selection feed
  • Then finally click logout
That’s all, you have eventually logged out your Facebook account from your Facebook Messenger app, and you can login into the app again using your account or an entirely different account.

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Now you don’t have to delete your Facebook Messenger App and reinstall it again before you can successfully logout your account. You can kindly share this article with your contact so they can learn how it’s done.

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