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Facebook Messenger Application: In August 2011, Facebook releases a messenger application after purchasing Beluga. The application, though owned and managed by Facebook is entirely different from Facebook, it can used alongside Facebook application, it can also be used without Facebook application or Facebook account. 

Messenger can be used from the website www.messenger.com on different internet browsers like chrome, Firefox, UC browser etc. or users can download its mobile application on their mobile device to access it.

Functions of Facebook messenger includes

  • To send messages, photos and videos: Facebook messenger application is mainly used as a chat app which allows both Facebook users and non-Facebook users to send messages, pictures and videos to each other, you can also chat with two or more friends at the same time through the group chat section. Messenger also contains some add-on emoji, stickers and GIF videos which makes chatting fun. Messenger is usually attached to users Facebook account if they have one, this allows users to access their Facebook messages on messenger.
  • To make video and voice calls: Facebook messenger also give opportunities for users to make lesser cost voice calls to one another regardless of their locations, you can also make a video call where users see each other with their cameras.
  • To send cash: users can also send money to other users with only their debit card information, by using the send money switch or repayment button on the website and mobile app respectively, you can pay your bills, send money and demand for money on the Facebook messenger.
  • To play games: users are given opportunity to play different online games from this application or on the website at the same time messaging. The games are added to reduce numbers of tabs to be open on the site or numbers of application on the mobile device.
  • To share your location: users can allow another user to follow them up for hours by switching on the location access. This allows your friends to know exactly where you are at a particular time should in case they want to meet up.

Other functions include: reminder can be set on Facebook messenger which alert you on the exact time set, you can also send voice notes via messenger as well as switch off notification of individual users. Finally you can also view your device text messages from the Facebook messenger application.

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