Facebook poke What does it mean?

Facebook poke What does it mean? You have being receiving different Facebook pokes from pals over the years but have refused to respond to it all because you don't know what it means and you are scared of asking them because they would mock your ignorance. Here is an article that treats the meaning of Facebook pokes, how to respond to Facebook pokes and how to send a Facebook poke to your buddies. 

Meaning of poke
A Facebook poke is simply used to greet other Facebook users or your close friend on Facebook, if you are poked, you receive a notification showing an amusing hand icon alongside the name of the poker, unlike other Facebook comments and posts, only the poker and the person poked see the notification
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Poke a friend today
Now that you've known the meaning of poking on Facebook, why not try to poke a close pal. To do this, go to your pal's timeline and click on message tab, then from the feed selection click on poke. Then wait for your poke response from the person you just poked.

Respond to a poke
You just received a poke and you are wondering how you could respond to it, here are your options;
Poke back: you can decide to poke the individual who just poked you, this is a sign that you are available and also greeting such fellow.
Message back: you can as well send a message to reply his/her poke, the details of what you really want to tell the individual is type and sent as message to reply.
Ignore: though not proper but you can also ignore a pals poke if you are not in the mood to chat at that moment or probably you don't want to chat with such fellow at all.

Now you can poke and respond to different pokes from pals, thanks to this article. Share to pals so they won't ignore your poke due to ignorance.
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