Find Out Who Blocked You On Facebook

Find Out Who Blocked You On Facebook: Blocking is the most powerful item used by Facebook users to deal with unwanted friends, when you are blocked, you won't see anything about such individual anymore, your messages won't deliver to him/her, you won't be able to view the person's profile and you won't see any of the person's post any longer on your news feed. 

How do you know if truly you have being blocked? It is not easy to distinguish between being blocked by a friend on Facebook or the friend deactivate or deleted his/her Facebook account because both have the same signs. But no worries, this article will tell you the major difference between being blocked and account deleted.
To start with, search for the person that you think might have blocked you on Facebook through his full name on your Facebook account, if you do not see that person from the result, then it is likely you have being block or it may be that the person removed himself from Facebook
Then try go to the last conversation you had with the person on messenger, if his profile picture is blank and the name is not a link that will take you to his profile, then you should understand those are traces of being block, forward a message to him and see if it will deliver, if not then you might have being block 

Still not certain?
Try to report any of the messages as spam to Facebook, from the top right corner of the messages box click on action and select "report as spam or abuse..." Then select "Record several individuals in the conversation for harassment or hazards, or to have a jeopardized account" from the New tab opened and confirm, if the response is that you are not allowed to do such action then it is most likely you have being blocked. 

To ascertain, search for the name on Google using this format "name+surname+Facebook" Google will show you the individual profile link but you can access it, just copy his username which is after the Facebook URL, then paste it behind in a new tab and send, this URL will bring the individual Facebook information if and only if the person is still active on Facebook. So if it didn't display any information then it means the person is no longer on Facebook but if it displays the individual information, then I'm sorry to inform you, you have being blocked.
The final step is actually the simplest and easiest, all you need to do is connect with the mutual friends which exist between you and the individual, ask if the individual is still available on Facebook and if they can still view his profile, if their answers are positive, then it is confirmed, you have being blocked.

I hope this article has increased your knowledge on the differences between being blocked and account deleted and you have being able to identify those that blocked you and those that are no longer active on Facebook. Kindly share so it won't confuse your friends.
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