Hide Buddies On Facebook

Hide Buddies On Facebook: The recent update Facebook did on its site made it possible to do whatever you want with your account, the privacy policy has made possible to control what other Facebook users see and what is placed on your news feed. You can also hide your buddies list from Facebook users which just view and not send you a buddy request. 
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Follow the procedures below to hide your Facebook buddies;
  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to your Facebook profile
  • Select the friend tab
  • Click edit at the top corner
  • Then from the displayed box, you will see 'that can view your buddy list on your timeline" , choose your preferred option from the selections
  • Choosing public will enable everyone on Facebook to view your buddy list, "friends" will give opportunity to only your friends on Facebook to view it, "only me" Will hide it from everyone including your friends, "custom" will allow you choose the people you are willing to allow to view your buddy list manually.
After choosing from this selections then you are good to roam Facebook without the fear of people checking your buddy list. Share with buddies to ensure privacy on Facebook.
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