How Can I Save a Video On Instagram

How Can I Save a Video On Instagram: With recent update on Instagram, it has permitted the upload of brief videos, with this new feature, users are certain to come across amazing videos at one point or the other on their Instagram profile which they will like to save.

The time limit for Instagram videos is 15 seconds but the sad thing is that these videos cannot be downloaded as Instagram does not directly provide a direct download button to save video clips, but in today’s article we will show you how you can easily save Instagram videos to share on other networks and directly with your friends.

How Can I Save A Video On Instagram
There are four main methods to download Instagram videos. You can make use of an application or your internet browser and also a number of downloader internet sites. Although downloading Instagram videos is not supported by Instagram themselves since they actually prefer you to spend as much time as feasible on the social media network. But you can follow these steps to easily download Instagram videos
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The InstaSave Android app is a useful application that permits you to download any type of Instagram video. All you have to do is install it, open it and also paste the video URL right into the app where it states 'paste your link here'. Click Save video and the app will certainly do its work. The app also permits you to download any kind of hashtags or text that comes with it.

Various other apps does something similar an example is InstaTV for iOS. It works in similar way as well as offers the exact same quick, basic downloading of media from the social media network.

There are a couple of internet sites that permit quick Downloading of Instagram videos with your internet browser. One is W3Toys, another is SaveDeo. To download videos, copy the LINK of the video you want to download. Navigate to the W3Toys website and paste the LINK right into field provided and click Go so that the website will certainly download the video to your device to get started with your download.

Another popular website to download Instagram videos is Dredown. It works like the first two. All you need to do is to get the URL and add it to the field provided then hit download

If you don't trust apps or downloader internet sites, simply try this method to manually download Instagram videos. Open the video on Instagram using a browser. Right click anywhere on the page and select View page source from the options. Press Ctrl + F on a Windows computer system to execute a search command and input 'mp4'. The result should redirect you to a LINK. Copy that URL into a brand-new web browser tab and once it loads, it will play the video. Press Ctrl + S to save it to your computer.

While the manual method takes a couple of secs much longer, it does not count on anything, or any person else so if you don’t really prefer third party applications, use the manual method. I hope this guide was helpful.
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  1. Visit - site for downloading photos and videos from Instagram. You need to copy the link of the post and paste it of the main page of website, then click the "Download" button.