How Do I Unfollow someone On Instagram

How Do I Unfollow someone On Instagram: As soon as you unfollow a follower on Instagram, you will definitely not see them anymore and at the same time, you won’t be able to view their posts on your news feed on Instagram. So if you are actually considering how to unfollow someone on Instagram, this article will teach you just that using basic steps

Instagram as we all know has billions of users, it is one of the most used social media platform following the likes of Facebook and Twitter. On this platform, you acquire followers as well as following some others, followers are those who loves to see whatever you share while following are those that you love to view whatever they share. Whenever you desire to hinder someone post on your timeline, this is when you unfollow them. With these steps below, you can unfollow someone on Instagram today
1. Open your Instagram app on your device.

2. Login to your Instagram account.

3. Go to your profile by a tap on your profile picture at the lower-right corner of your display

4. Select the Following option to view those that are following you.

5. From the list of your followers, select the individual you want to unfollow.
6. Now tap the following tab just in front of the name. Then tab unfollow.

7. A clarification box will pop-up to settle your activity. Touch the Unfollow alternative to continue.

Note that immediately you unfollow an individual, the tap changes to blue to inform you that you can actually follow him/her back

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I hope this was helpful to unfollow someone on Instagram, you may share this with your friends so they can also learn how to do this.

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