How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Group

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Group: Facebook is an interactive social media with over a billion users worldwide, it allows its users to share photo and video with friends on this platform and at the same time view what other friends are posting, you can also market your product on this platform.

Some other features added to this platform is the ability to bring users under a group where they can interact with one another, these groups are automatically headed by the creator who can add up some other users on the group as admins. So what exactly are the functions of the Facebook group admins? the group admin makes the rules of the group, they can add up new members to the group and the same time can remove anyone from the group, they control the general affairs of the group.
  • · So if you are a group owner and you want to add up some of your friends on the group as the group admins, here is how you can get it done easily;
  • first login to your Facebook account
  • · Then go to groups from the left hand side of the display on a PC
  • · Select from your list of groups the group you wish to add an admin to
  • · Now click on members to reveal all the members of the group
  • · Scroll through the member’s list to search out the person you wish to make an admin, then click the dotted box in front of his/her name
  • · From the dropdown menu, select make admin
That’s all, with this method you can select as many member as possible to make them admin of your group but be sure of whoever you want to make as admin so they will not cause nuisance in your group.
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I hope this article was helpful, kindly share with everyone on your contact so they can add up someone as admin in their Facebook group.
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