How to Add Music to Facebook Post

How to Add Music to Facebook Post: A Facebook wall can automatically install a specific kind of links which contributes to the webpage, such links may include images or pictures from a different site in which Facebook will display it using a medium thumbnail, another example is a YouTube link on Facebook, this may also play the video on Facebook without having to visit YouTube. A link with other files appears this same way including audio links which you will be able to listen to the audio directly on Facebook.

If you are intending to get the steps to take in order to include an audio link into your Facebook post, here are the things you must do to get it done;
  • · Search the audio you wish to post on Facebook, note that it must be from a website and not from your device file
  • · Right click the audio file and copy, make sure the audio file is in MP3 or WAV format
  • · Now visit your Facebook account and start up a new post on your wall or on the timeline of the friend you wish to send it to
  • · Right click anywhere within the box and Paste the audio file you copied earlier, a link will be pasted which represent the audio file in its original location i.e. the site you copied it from
  • · Finally, you can add up some text to describe the audio, then tap Share, wait a bit till it uploads, it can take several minute depending on the size of the audio file.
Now you’ve successfully add a music file to your Facebook page, it will appear as a link with an additional play button to play the audio file whenever your friends sees it on their wall

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I hope this was helpful to add a music to your Facebook post, you should also help share this article so others on your timeline can know how it can be done.

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