How To Add To Block List On Facebook

How To Add To Block List On Facebook: There are certain times that you will have to add up some Facebook friends to your block list in order to stop their irrelevant post or stop their disturbance. Adding someone to your block list is extremely easy to go about, it just require few steps and it’s done. 

So if you have made up your mind to add someone to your block list, follow the steps below to do just that;
  • Go to your friend's list by clicking on the friends tab on your Facebook homepage
  • Select the individual you want to add to the block list, then the person's profile will be displayed 
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  • From your friend's cover picture, click the option switch beside message button.
  • Then select block and confirm, the individual will be added to your blocked friends list
  • Anyone added to your blocked list won't see your post any longer and you also won't see their post, so you won't be disturbed anymore since they can't even message you. 

  • To unblock, go to the block list and click unblock in front of the individual, note that you have to send another friends request to such individual because blocking someone is same as erasing its details from your account.
I hope you have gained a lot from this article, kindly share to pals to enable them block stubborn friends.
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