How To Block Someone On Your Facebook

How To Block Someone On Your Facebook: An event might happen that will lead to you wanting to block a friend on your Facebook account, it might be because he/she is no more communicating with you or a fight has led to friends becoming foes or he/she always posts unnecessary/irrelevant things which you don't want to view. In any case, you had made up your mind to block sure person from accessing your account.

Here are the procedures to follow in order to accomplish your goal;
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  1. Make sure you are logged in into your Facebook account
  2. Go to your profile
  3. Click on friends from the options below your cover picture
  4. The list of your friends will pop-up, from there select the person you wish to block
  5. The next page displayed will be the profile page of that friend, then click on the three horizontal dots beside the message button
  6. From drop box displayed, click on block
  7. Then a series of text is displayed to tell you consequences of blocking such friend, since you have made up your mind, click confirm
  8. Now you have successfully block such person from having access to your account. The names of those you blocked can be found in the blocked users list. You can unblock anyone you initially block but note that you have to send another friend request to the person in order to renew your relationship.

Hope this article has helped you block those foes pretending to be friends, if so share to good friends to teach them also.

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