How To Change Your E-Mail On Facebook

How To Change Your E-Mail On Facebook: When you create an account on Facebook, an email address is registered, this is the email you dropped while inputting your details. This email address becomes your main email where ever mail pertaining to Facebook is sent, on this mail, you will receive notification of friend’s request, a friend that just posted, a post you were tagged, and someone sent you a personal message on Facebook and so on.

If by any means, you lost access to the email account, then you won't be able to access all the Facebook notifications which will be sent to this mail. To resolve this, you can change your main email account on Facebook. But just how can you do this? Here is an article that will teach you the basic steps to follow.

To change your Facebook email address, first make sure you are logged in into the account
Go to settings> General> account> email
On the email page, your main email address is shown alongside other emails connected to your Facebook account. If you want to change the email to any of the other mail already connected, just check it and click "change email address" then it will change, you will now start receiving notification on the email you just checked.

But if you want to add another mail entirely, write the email address in the box provided in front of "new email" and click "add email". This will require your Facebook password to confirm that you are the one that wants to add a new mail, input your password and enter. A confirmation code is sent to the new mail to confirm you are the owner of the mail, input the code at the space provided and enter. Facebook then send another mail to your present main account, which state that another email is about to be added but you won't have to confirm since it is believed you can't access that account. Then your new email will be added.
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But the newly added email is yet to be your main Facebook email, all you have to do is go back to the e-mail settings page and check the new email and then click "change email address", your Facebook password is again used to change the account. 

Note that you can register as much as 2 other email addresses with your main email address and any of these 3 accounts can be used to sign-in or login to your Facebook account.
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