How to Change Your Facebook Name

How to Change Your Facebook Name: You may suddenly don’t like your name on Facebook anymore and you wish to change it to something new. I love to inform you that it is actually possible to change your Facebook name when you want but it is extremely important to know that whenever you change your Facebook name, you have to wait for a time period of nothing less than 60 days before you can change it again, so it is better you are very sure before you take this action.

If you want to change your Facebook name, it is better to use something which everyone knows you as so they can get you whenever they search for you

Before changing your Facebook name, it is also important to understand all the basic rules for changing names on Facebook, which are as follow
  • Symbols, numbers, punctuations and repeated personality is not allowed on Facebook
  • Using various languages at once is forbidden
  • Using titles such as Dr. Pas., are not allowed
  • No using of irritating words or phrase
Now that you’ve known the rules to follow and you’ve chose a name that is not going against any of the above rules, you can now use the procedures below to change your name on Facebook. This steps differ with various device, this article will explain how to change your Facebook name on a PC and on an android smartphone.

How to change your Facebook name using PC
  • First, you open your favourite internet browser on your PC and visit the Facebook website via
  • Then login into your account by using your email and password
  • Then from the top right corner of the Facebook page, click the arrowhead pointing downwards
  • Then from the drop-down menu, select settings
  • You will see the name box, click on edit at the far end
  • Then type the names you desire in the boxes provided, “first”, “middle” and “last”
  • Click “review change”
  • You will have to enter your password to complete the process
  • Finally, click “save changes”
    How to change your Facebook name on Android Smartphones
    • Open any browser on your mobile device and then visit Facebook website
    • Make sure you login into your personal Facebook account
    • Then select menu at the top corner
    • Then scroll down and select Account Settings
    • Go to General
    • From the options provided, select name
    • Insert your first, middle and last name, then select review changes just below
    • Also insert your Facebook password and save to complete the proces.
    If the name you typed in is in accordance with the Facebook rules and policy, then you have successfully changed your name, to change again, you will have to wait another 60 days.
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