How to Change Your Instagram Password

How to Change Your Instagram Password: An Instagram account is a tool for various hackers who may want to steal followers especially for already verified Instagram accounts. The only thing that can protect your account from hackers is your very strong Instagram password, a weak password will only make your account vulnerable, and so this article will teach you how you can change your Instagram password anytime you feel like your account is endangered.

Follow the steps below which enables you to change your Instagram Password;
  • Go to your Instagram account via the Instagram App
  • Then to your profile
  • Click on the gear-like icon to go to your profile settings
  • Scroll down and select change password
  • Input your present password in the first space provided and then your new password in the last two spaces provided 
  • Select “done” to save the changes
For those they are surfing their Instagram account through an internet browser, you can as well change your password by visiting the Instagram link via
then just like you did in the above step, type in your current and new passwords in their respective boxes and save
Note that you can change your password as many times as possible, so make sure you don’t forget the current password you change into. In order to create a very strong password, here are some factors you have to consider
  • It must not be less than 6 letters
  • Use mixed letters, i.e. alphanumeric mixtures
  • You can also add symbols
With these you will be able to create a very strong password for your Instagram account, make sure you don’t share it with anybody even your closest friends.

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Now that you’ve learnt how to change your password, why not share the knowledge with other by sharing this article with all you contacts on Instagram.
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