How to Change/Convert Facebook Profile to A Fan Page

How to Change/Convert Facebook Profile to A Fan Page: Most people have several Facebook profiles, which they alternate as personal Facebook profile and an FB page, probably for professional Business? Well the risk of losing your account to signing in, logout and alternating between these accounts will be very stressful, so why not consider doing this from a single account. Not everyone will be interested in doing this as they enjoy switching accounts but if you are not in this category, today, I will show you how to Convert Facebook Profile To A Fan Page
If you follow Facebook statistics, you will realize FB Profiles has less potentials of getting to people compared to Facebook fan pages. FB profile can only add up to 5000 friends only, however FB page has unlimited access. We can send more messages. We can boost posts or start a promotion campaign. Another amazing feature is that you can get Verified With Blue Badge On Facebook Page, which guarantee you trust and a certain level on FB. These are just a few of the issues which are normally faced by users in using Facebook profile for professional Business.
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Convert Facebook Profile to Page
It’s Time to convert your Facebook Profile to a Fan Page. So follow these methods to easily migrate FB profile to page.
Method One:
  1. Navigate to Facebook and log in to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to account settings and tap on Download a copy option.
  3. Now click on Start My Archive where you will see the pop-up window and then click OK.
  4. Now it will take time to download. After finishing the download process, you will get a confirmation email which confirms the download process has ended.
  5. Open the email address linked to your Facebook account and Download a Copy of your FB account. Click on Download a Copy as it will redirect to Facebook to enter your email and password.
  6. Locate Download Archive and click on that to download all your data.
  7. After that go to the FB help center on the top search bar type convert the profile to page.
  8. There you can choose any type of category that you want to convert your profile.
Method Two: If the archive option looks complicated to you, you can use the steps below to change Facebook profile to a Fan Page
  • Log in to your FB account.
  • Now Go This URL –
  • Then click The Create a Page.
  • Go to URL/migrate on the address bar enter
  • And you can select the page which you want to convert your FB profile to the FB page.
  • After selecting the page which you want to convert your profile, enter the details and click on Get Started.
  • To confirm that enter the migration and then enter the password click Confirm.
I hope you detected a suitable method and was able to migrate your account, if you face any challenge, kindly inform us using the comment section below.
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