How to Create another Instagram

How to Create another Instagram: Creating many accounts on Instagram is not a big deal but it can be very hard for you to switch in between those accounts if you are making use of the Instagram application, rather you can just create two account which is acceptable by Instagram and has made it possible to switch between the two accounts on Instagram app. Having another Instagram account may give variety of opportunities to display your attributes, you can use one for business while using the second account for pleasure. But you have to understand that having two accounts also requires using two different email accounts, you cannot use one email account for multiple Instagram accounts.

So if your intention is to create a second Instagram account, this article focuses on that as well as how to create it from scratch and linking it into your Instagram app.
You may have already created multiple Instagram account and all you need to do is add it up with the current one you are using, or you just want to create a fresh one which will directly add up into the app, this article treats both circumstances, follow the steps below to get it done;
  • Visit your current Instagram account on your Instagram app
  • Open your profile and then profile settings
  • Scroll down and select Add account

  • Then select sign-up from the next page
there’s an alternative to sign up using Facebook which you can follow, or you sign up with phone/email
  • Whichever one you pick, enter the required details carefully and click sign up

  • Then add your profile photo, name and Password, click next

  • Then you create a username which will be in form of a handle “@*********”, after click next

  • The next set of steps is to connect with Facebook as well as get friends to follow on Instagram, you can either skip this steps or follow the link.
  • After all, click done and your second Instagram account has been created.
The new account will be automatically attached to the old one since you are logged in to an account before
For those that already has a second account, just follow the above step till you get to “Add account”, then rather than clicking sign-up, click login and then enter your Instagram login details and click “login”

And that’s all, you now have two account logged in at once on your Instagram app, you can switch between both accounts anytime you want.

I hope this article was helpful in creating another Instagram account, kindly share with your loved ones so they can use multiple account on just one Instagram app.

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