How to Create a Custom Facebook Page

How to Create a Custom Facebook Page: Are you a Facebook user and you are looking for a way to create a custom Facebook page? This article will explain into details how you can create a custom Facebook page. A Facebook page is the easiest means of showcasing what you’ve got to offer the public and at the same time advertise your product and market them
Creating a Facebook page is much easier than creating a Facebook group, though many Facebook users still thinks they are the same, but the truth is Facebook page is far different from Facebook group. The latter can only contain certain number of members while the formal usually is to capture everyone throughout the world that is connected with the business, firm or company.
If you desire to create a Facebook page, then you are definitely on the right track, you just follow the steps below to make your desires come true;
  • · Login into your own personal Facebook account
  • · Select the drop-down menu which is at the top right edge of the page
  • · From the dropdown menu, select “create page”
  • · Here you will be given 6 page choices to choose from, select the exact one that suit your desires
  • · Now type in the name you wish to give your page and then fill in other necessary details
  • · Then tap “Get Started” below the page
Now your page has being created, you can then add up a cover picture for your page, then invite other Facebook users by pasting the link on your wall and then you can start sharing what you intend to publish on the page
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