How to Create Facebook Account Free

How to Create Facebook Account Free: Creating a Facebook Account for Free is complimentary and easy. Most people think signing up a Facebook account is a difficult task especially people who have a little computer ability and experience. In this article, we will show you that signing up for a Facebook account and creating a new Facebook account is actually simple. So if you wish to create a Facebook account yourself, read this guide as we put you through how to quickly create a Facebook Account Free 

Quickly Create a Facebook account for free

  • Action 1: Navigate to the Facebook homepage by following this link:
  • Action 2: Supply the complete Facebook required details in the Registration fields to create a new Facebook account. The required details include:
    • First name and Surname
    • Mobile number or e-mail address: You can use any email address, gmail, yahoomail etc
    • New password: Type a password for your new Facebook account in the "Password" field. Ensure you mix a minimum of Six characters with a combination of numbers, letters and punctuation marks.
    • Birthday: A drop-down menu with the months of the year displays. Type the date of your birth in the 2nd Birthday field. Select your birth month. Select the year of your birth in the 3rd Birthday field.
    • Gender: Select in the Gender field. Select either the male or female alternative from the button menu.
  • After filling out the information, click "Create an account" button to continue.
  • Action 3: Add friends: Facebook will give you tips to discover your friends using the details supplied to Facebook either through Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, other e-mail services or phone numbers, just click on the “Discover friends” button to find your friends. If you do not want to do this now, click the skip this action button to proceed to the next action.
  • Action 4: The next action is to upload your profile photo.
  • Action 5: Then Facebook will remind you that the system has actually sent out an e-mail to verify your email address.
  • Action 6: Go to your email address and click the email verification link
  • Action 7: Now click the About tab to complete your Facebook profile details

I hope this article on how to Create An Account On Facebook Com was helpful?

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