How to Delete Chat on Facebook

How to Delete Chat on Facebook: You may some irritating messages on your conversation with a friend on Facebook and you intend to remove it so people can’t find or see it.
This article will inform you on the best methods to delete a chat or a full conversation with anyone on Facebook and on Facebook Messenger. Below are the steps to take in order to delete chat on Facebook;

1. Open up Carrier ie the Facebook messenger app on your device

2. Go to the home page of the messenger app which is your message inbox page which holds all conversation.

3. Jab left on a conversation page, you will then see the various options to mute, erase and others.

4. From the options, click remove

5. You can as well click remove Conversation, this will delete all your discussion as well as calls made using the app.

Note that once you remove or delete a chat or conversation, it is not in any way possible to retrieve it again, so it is better to think twice before making your decision of letting go of the entire conversation.
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