How to Find Someone on Instagram

 How to Find Someone on Instagram: Instagram is part of the largest social media platforms on earth with over 400 million users worldwide, it helps its users to connect with one another by sharing pictures as well as videos to those following them and anyone who wishes to view it as long as the account is not private.

With the large numbers of Instagram users, it is actually not an easy thing to get a particular individual located on the platform especially for new users who recently created an account with Instagram. Getting followers for these set of people can be hard to attain because they may lack the knowledge of how it is done. So this article will teach such people the various ways to locate those they wish to follow on Instagram with ease

So, below are the various methods that may be used to find specific individual on Instagram:

Manually Search Instagram Users
This is the basic method for searching out someone on Instagram, in involves inserting the individuals name or username in the search box. This methods may not be effective especially if you don’t know the person’s username, inserting only the name can reveal hundreds of accounts which you won’t be able to get the exact account you are searching for.
For those that has the exact name of the person that are looking for,

  • · You just open your Instagram account to your homepage,
  • · Tap the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the display
  • · Then at the top of the display, enter the name of the person you are looking for in the space provided
  • · Since you are searching for a person, make sure the niche is at “people” not place or tags
  • · Now tap go and the account will be revealed

Find your Facebook Friends on Instagram
If you have connected your Instagram account to your Facebook account, then it will automatically display all your Facebook pals that are also making use of Instagram

This process is automatic but if for some reason it is not, then follow this procedure to get it done;
  • · Tap on the "Profile" icon at the bottom edge of the screen
  • · Then tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the display which will certainly open all your "Settings",
  • · Scroll down and find a choice of "find Facebook Friends" tap on it
  • · Currently you will see all your Facebook good friends that are on Instagram with a "Follow" switch beside them which you can simply click.

Individuals from Phone's Contact list

You could also find people on Instagram from your phone's contact list that are also using Instagram. Instagram will help you scan your Contact list and find everybody who gets on Instagram using factors, such as registered email address or contact number. To achieve this;
again tap on the "Profile" icon on the bottom of the display.

And also touch on the three vertical dots icon on the top right corner of the display to setups.

Now, select "Contacts", which will reveal those on your contact utilizing Instagram with a “follow” box in front

Usage Hashtags to find People
If you actually and accurately want to find posts of interest, using hashtags is the best way to do this effectively. When folks submit pictures they categorize it by including hashtags, you could use a hashtag to find those pictures.

To Search hashtags, tap on the "Magnifying glass" sign in the bottom tray,

Then touch on "Search" at the top.

Below, surf to "Tags" options to specify your search as well as simply enter the search phrase. 
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With any of the above techniques you could see that your long lost buddy on Instagram and catch up with them, help to share this article with anyone on your contact so they can benefit and learn how to find someone on Instagram.

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