How To Fully Login To Facebook On Iphone

How To Fully Login To Facebook On Iphone: For those Facebook users that gain access to their Facebook account via their mobile phone (iPhone), normally, Facebook will load the mobile site for them but I'm happy to tell you that you can change to the full desktop site even while using your iPhones or any other mobile device. 
Below are the method that can make the full desktop site accessible on your mobile device;

1. via link

Facebook desktop site can be accessed through its link. Open any browser on your mobile device and enter, this link when followed leads you to the desktop site, now you can login and enjoy Facebook. You can also login with the mobile site and then change to desktop by adding ".php". 
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2. via mobile browser request
This method does not work at all times due to power Facebook has over it, it's left to Facebook to accept the request of a desktop site or not but trying it out won't be bad anyways. This article will treat using two different mobile browsers they are Google chrome and Safari browser.

Using Google chrome
After you have successfully logged in to your Facebook account, touch the option menu donated with three vertical dots. Then from the drop-down menus select "request desktop site". Then reload the page and start enjoying Facebook desktop site. 

Using safari browser

Again, login to your Facebook account, click on the option button and then scroll toward the right, select request desktop, after reloading itself, it brings the desktop site for you to enjoy.

I hope you acquire knowledge on ways to access Facebook desktop site on your mobile devices especially iPhone, kindly share to your friends in case they also needs the desktop sites.
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