How to Hide Facebook Friends List

How to Hide Facebook Friends List: Facebook has recently upgraded its privacy policy which now make it possible for its users to hide their Facebook information from the general public or at least control those that are viewing them, this is believed to strengthen Facebook community as well as individual Facebook user’s privacy.
Fortunately, one of the features that can be hidden is the friend’s list, a Facebook user can now hide his/her friend’s list from the general public view or conceal it from those that are not their Facebook friend who may intend to steal a friend from their list without adding them.
So, if you are actually looking for a way to hide your Facebook friend’s list from others, here is how it is done;
  • Visit your Facebook profile
  • Look for the friends tab, then click on the pencil-like icon in front
  • From the pop-up menu, uncheck the box that quotes “show friend list to everyone”

Now your Facebook Friend’s list is hidden to those that are not your friend on Facebook, you can still hide this from some numbers of friends by registering the exact number of friend you wish to show your Facebook friend’s list.

To manage what other Facebook users sees on your Profile, you can visit your privacy settings at the general settings tab, there you will see different options of what you can actually hide on your profile.

I hope this article was a lot helpful to hide your Facebook friend’s list from Facebook kleptomanias, you can kindly share this with some of your friends so they can learn how to hide their Facebook friend’s list
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