How To Know Who Is Checking your Facebook

How To Know Who Is Checking your Facebook: Though Facebook did not add any features that allows users to check out who is checking them out on Facebook but it is very possible to know those stalkers by using a special technique only expert knows. 
This article will brief you through the technique used to know your stalkers. Note that this technique can only be used on a Google chrome browser, so try to download one now if you don't have it installed on your mobile device or PC.
Here are the procedures use to know those checking out your Facebook profile;
Login to your Facebook account through a Google chrome browser
  • Go to your Facebook profile page
  • Right click on any free space and click on view page source
  • A tab is displayed showing lots of codes, using the search box, search "InitialChatFriend'sList" and the word will come to view
  • All the codes written after this word are the different identity codes of friends that checked your Facebook
  • To identify those who own each code, copy a code and paste it at the end of this link "" for example "" then enter.
  • Then the profile page of the owner of that identity code will be displayed, showing the name and other information
  • You can then copy and paste other codes one after the other to know those that checked out your Facebook profile.

Now that you have seen those stalkers that checked out your Facebook, why not share this article with friends for them to view their stalkers too.
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