How to Make A Full Picture Fit On Instagram

How to Make A Full Picture Fit On Instagram: Instagram allows users to share pictures of specific sizes and quality. Instagram picture may usually be received in a rectangular format or landscape format but it will automatically be changed to the default square shape before upload on Instagram.

According to Instagram customer assistance, the platform supports pictures and videos with display proportion of ratio 1.91:1 for landscape images and ratio 4:5 for portrait. The default square image has a ratio of 1:1, if in a situation you are trying to upload a picture or video with higher or lower dimensions, then Instagram will help you crop the image to the above specification.

The specification required for image quality has a width ranging from 320 to 1080 pixels but the original resolution of the picture will be retained as long as the size is still within any of the specified sizes. Anything below or above the pixel limit will be changed to the nearest pixel required, this may affect the size of the image as well as quality.
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Most of the recently produced devices has high pixel quality cameras which may sometimes reach up megapixels, pictures taken with this type of devices and uploaded on Instagram will has its quality reduced to meet with the Instagram standards.

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