How to Make a Page Private On Facebook

How to Make a Page Private On Facebook: Facebook is a wonderful tool for connecting with old pals, family and everybody else you care to exchange conversation with. However the digital freedom usually come at a cost which is your privacy. Everyone on Facebook can have access to your account profile info which makes you vulnerable to evil doers. Thankfully there are approaches to safeguard those who wish to see your Facebook profile unless naturally somebody knows your password.

The techniques for making your Facebook page personal is really stress free and reasonably effortless once you get yourself familiar with the increasingly bloated user-interface. So just continue reading so you could learn how it's done.
  • Go to the page's Admin Panel and click the arrow to the right of "Edit Page"
  • Click "Manage Permissions"
  • The very first function listed on the next screen is "Page Visibility".
  • Check: "Unpublish page" just in front of the Page visibility.
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And that’s all, isn’t it simple? Now your Facebook page will only be visible to the admins and members. I hope I have helped you make your Facebook page invincible. Kindly share this with all your contacts.
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