How to Make Pictures Fit On Instagram

How to Make Pictures Fit On Instagram: Instagram is a social media platform that allows posting of photos and video to entertain and educate other users following you, you can also advertise your products using these photos and videos uploaded on Instagram. But Instagram has a specific specifications for photos that should be uploaded, anything outside these specification is not accepted and won’t be uploaded.

Instagram may receive images in landscape orientation but will crop it to a square orientation after submission, this can be done when you tap on the round gray arrow icon at the bottom corner of the photo preview.

Instagram’s photos should have an aspect ratios of 1.91:1 for landscape images, 4:5 for vertical photo orientation and 1:1 for standard square photos, any picture going against any of the above aspect ratio will be cropped automatically.

When considering the image quality, Instagram does not really change this, its resolution remains as it is so far the image does not defile the aspect ratios. The normal image resolution of 320 pixel to 1,080 pixel is used on Instagram, any photo that has a resolution lower than this will be changed automatically to 320 pixels, and this might affect its size and appearance.

Note that any image that has a resolution larger than 1,080 pixels will has its resolution reduced, this is so for images captured from high resolution cameras of modern phones from Apple, LG, Samsung, HTC and various others. These phone may capture images with resolution as high as megapixels.

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