How to Put Photo in Instagram

How to Put Photo in Instagram: Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to capture photos, modify them and then upload them so other users can see and react to it. You could also take already existing picture from your photo gallery and also edit by cropping, adding filter and so on to it before uploading. All these can either be done with a mobile device or your PC depending on whichever you prefer.

If you’ve being searching for how you could upload your photos on Instagram, below are the steps to take to achieve your aim.
  • follow this link & login to your account using your Instagram login details
  • it is better to download "Instagram" app on your Android device from the Play store & open it.
  • click 'Camera' icon which is located at the bottom on the display.
  • You will see 3 options i.e. "Gallery", "Photo" or "Video", select "Photo"
  • Tap the blue circle to select an image.
  • Add up some filters to the selected photo
  • A "Share To" page opens up.
  • Write a caption as well as "confirm" which is at top right corner on the screen.
Now your picture will be submitted to Instagram on Android device.

I hope you’ve learnt how you can upload a photo on Instagram, kindly share this article to others on your contact so they can as well learn also.

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