How to Send a DM on Instagram

How to Send a DM on Instagram: The general knowledge is that Instagram is used to share photos and videos to other users, not everyone knows that they can actually send a Direct Message to their followers on Instagram. This write-up will show how you can send a DM on Instagram to your followers in some simple procedures which is below;

  • First select a picture normally as you would do when you want to post pictures, apply some editing features like crop and filters, when done, tap NEXT 
  • Then from the top of the page select DIRECT, you then input your message in text format
  • Now tap OK
  • Your follower’s list is revealed after, scroll through and mark as many followers as possible you feel like sending the DM, then when done, tap SEND below the list
  • As soon as they receive it on their account, a notification will be seen at the mailbox
  • By clicking the mailbox, the sender of the DM will be revealed
  • Then they can click on the sender Instagram username to see the DM sent
  •  They can then reply the sender immediately at the bottom of the message

Now I believed you have learnt the way to send a DM to follower(s) on Instagram, I hope you share this write-up with your followers so they can also send you a DM whenever they have something to tell you.
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